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A decent education is the right of every child in Singapore. It is also a necessity. Without good grades, they cannot go on to study further, or get that all-important first job that sets them in the right direction. Reviewing Secondary School past exam papers and practicing writing model answers is the only way to make sure this happens. You can find everything you need to help your child get good grades right here on this website.

Read on to Discover the Secrets of Studying Successfully

How to Score Well in Secondary School Exam Papers

Singapore educators put unfair pressure on our children. However, secondary school exam papers should not be speed tests. The best grades come when students are relaxed. Your child will have a huge advantage when they know the topics, because they examined old school test papers from Exampaper.Biz and prepared mock answers.

All they need do is identify the subjects from their knowledge base, remember the tips they learned by reading old school papers, and begin to write. They will feel calm as they write out the answers. Their pens will flow like peaceful music. When this happens, you will be glad that you bought a pack of old school papers from Exampaper.Biz for our affordable price.

How to Study Smart in Secondary School

Secondary School Exam Papers

Some Singapore educators seem to overlook the fact that study should be goal directed. We believe that the purpose of Secondary 4 is to pass the Cambridge O Level exam, and so we find this attitude strange. How is a kid going to do well in a test, if they do not know what to expect?

Prepare Your Kid Using Past Years Secondary School Exam Papers

Whether your child is sitting a test in Chemistry, Physic, English, E-Maths, A-Maths, or Biology, the way that they approach their task is the most important key indicator for success. All teaching programs - beginning, with PSLE and working through from Secondary 1 through to Secondary 3 and beyond - comprise topic modules. Some of these are background information. Others are core knowledge that examiners like to test.

Free Secondary 1 Test Papers

Free Secondary 2 Test Papers

Free Secondary 3 Test Papers

Free Secondary 4 Test Papers

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Use a Scientific Method to Identify Topic Pressure Points

Exam paper questions are never random. When you examine old test papers, the same topics come up regularly. The knowledge base never changes. The questions are just from different angles. With this knowledge, it becomes possible to predict the content of the next examination paper as follows:

  • Analyse the subject curriculum, and divide it into a series of topics 
  • Write these down on a piece of paper. Now you are ready to score them 
  • If a teacher used one as the basis of an assignment, award one point. 
  • Each time there is a question in an old school exam paper give another point 
  • Award two points if this happened in a 2015 or 2016 past exam paper 
  • Use past years test papers to work out how many questions are likely 
  • Assuming this is four, your kid must focus on the top four topic scores 
  • Use the next highest four as , because you never know 

Focus Your Child's Attention Where It Really Matters!

Now that you have a good idea of the questions that are likely to come up, you can begin to focus your child's attention on the topics that really matter. This process can begin as early as Secondary 1, and culminate in straight A's at O Level. Exampaper.Biz has all the tools you need to make this possible, including affordable prices for 2014 and 2016 test papers, and free exam papers for previous years.

Problems Faced by Secondary Students in Singapore

Secondary School Test Papers Singapore

Secondary school has become a nightmare for parents in Singapore, since the Ministry of Education introduced aggressive streaming at an early age. Even primary school children are struggling to come to terms with the competitive culture their educators force on them.

The result is inevitable. Our children are a bunch of nerves when they sit down to write their PSLE's, Secondary 4's and O-Level Examinations. They should all pass if teachers did their job right. Tragically, many fail, although they ought not to. Researchers believe the main reason is a lack of preparation.

You Cannot Afford to Let This Happen to Your Child

Our teachers are overworked and under pressure to perform

They have no extra time to make sure that every child tests well

  • Children who do not have that natural skill are disadvantaged
  • They fail their secondary school exam papers although they try hard
  • Many children have an unfair start in life and they never catch up

Watch Out for These Critical Early Warning Signs

Tests can be nerve-racking for children, especially when they are in adolescence and facing so many different challenges. If your child comes back from their Secondary 1 or Secondary 2 exam in an agitated state and tells you that they failed, then the chances are that the teacher had no time for previous test papers, which could have made the difference.

Think about this carefully. This is not rocket science. Everybody practices first. Politicians rehearse their speeches, soccer players dribble balls for hours, actors prepare carefully for every performance. No matter whether your child faces an English, E-Maths, A-Maths, Physic, Chemistry, or Biology test, the principle is the same. They must practice first on old school exam papers.

Kids Who Practice on Past Years Exam Papers Excel

This fact is obvious to anybody who thinks about it, and here is the living proof: 

  • Writing a test is an acquired skill like being good at job interviews
  • Practise makes perfect especially at Secondary 3 and Secondary 4 levels
  • Examination candidates who use our free exam papers have a better chance

Your Child Could Come Home with a Set of O Level A's

2016 and 2017 have been particularly tough years for Singapore school kids, because standards became tougher. Those who prepared smartly did better. That is because their parents let them rehearse on past year test papers. Exampaper.Biz sells genuine 2016 and 2017 Sec School exam papers at an unusually low price. Buy them now. The earlier ones are free. Give your kid the break in life they deserve.

See our Free JC Exam Papers here.

For Your Child's Sake, Take Up This Opportunity

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