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Singapore Secondary School Ranking 2013/ 2014

Getting your kid into a top Singapore Secondary School in 2014 is even tougher than before. According to the latest PSLE Result, 2013 saw the Top 10 Schools demanding even higher Primary School Leaving Examination results than in 2012. Ambitious parents who want the best for kids must aim to beat the PSLE Cut Off Point 2013 set for their target school, by a greater margin to be sure.

In 2012, the points-spread among 162 Singapore Secondary Schools lay between 262 and 188. The PSLE Cut Off Point 2013 imposes increases at the top end to as much as 265, with bottom schools hardly improving. The implications are obvious. The gap is widening. The competition is extreme for places at schools that supply feedstock to sought after universities.

Singapore Secondary School Ranking 2013/ 2014

The PSLE Result 2013 ushers in a higher hurdle for kids, especially those unable to attend niche primary schools almost guaranteed to produce top Primary School Leaving Examination results. Despite their talent, they may lack teachers of the calibre to meet the challenges of the PSLE Cut Off Points 2013 that Singapore top Secondary Schools demand. Many coaches providing supplementary schooling base their programs on past exam papers. These provide clues for likely examination questions in the future. 

2013 Secondary School Rankings in More Detail 

Closer scrutiny of the PSLE Result 2013 for 2014 enrolment reveals a further discriminatory trend. The reason why the gap is widening becomes clear when the percentage shift comes` under the spotlight. With one exception, all TOP 10 Secondary Schools show an increase in the PSLE Cut Off Point 2013 Primary School graduates face. Contrast this with the bottom quartile, where results are either zero change, or negative.

PSLE Cut Off Points

The data in the second quartile is equally revealing. There are some quite spectacular improvements to PSLE Cut Off Points to 2013 Secondary 1 entrance. Clearly, government efforts are beginning to show results. However, the differences between raw scores at top and bottom are still alarming. 

The Bare Minimum PSLE Entry Requirements 

The PSLE Results 2013 are far from a guarantee of acceptance. In fact, they simply represent the point at which the Singapore Secondary School will consider an application. Their criteria for acceptance are a function of how well other applicants performed. A student who was looking good, can fall off the short list if better scoring students subsequently apply. 

Hence, an applicant should aim to rank in the first quartile of all applicants who are better than the PSLE Cut Off Point 2013 the results announced. For wealthy parents this is relatively easy. All they need do is track down a top Singapore Primary School Tutor, and pay them to give their child the head start all kids deserve. 

The Same Head Start Now Available to All Singapore Kids 

Diligent parents with kids with the dedication to succeed need no longer fear the built-in disadvantages they may face. The PSLE Result 2013 becomes less awesome with the recent examination papers Secondary Exam Papers supplies. The 2014 examinations will contain questions similar to those of previous years. The key to success is preparation. 

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